Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 Overview

This will likely be a fairly short post, I really just want to talk a bit about what exactly this show and specifically this first season means to me.

I found that there were a lot of thing to like about Supergirl the more I watched it. Like the fact that it had a female lead who was complex and interesting and fun. And the fact that it had multiple female characters who were just as complex and interesting, and their relationships with each other were well-developed and positive. Even the best villains of the season were female characters. I liked that it made an effort to address and explore feminist topics. I liked that it had a healthy interracial romance. Despite the awkward start and the lackluster end and ups and downs in between, at least the show always had those things going for it.

But there was more to it than that. I usually don’t like to get too personal, but I will say this. When I first started watching this show, it was at a time where my mental health, which has never exactly been great, was basically garbage. I was really not doing well. Full disclosure, I’m still not.

I used to be really fond of grimdark and cynicism in my media, but as my mental health worsened I found that I had a harder time stomaching that kind of stuff. That’s why I could only make it through a few episodes of Jessica Jones before I had to stop. Not because I didn’t think it was a good show, but because I’m not in a good headspace to be watching something like that right now. (By the way, I’m not bringing up Jessica Jones because I explicitly mean to compare two shows with female superheroes. I think it’s obnoxious and unnecessary to compare the two on that basis alone. It’s just that Jessica Jones was an easy example here.)

Supergirl was exactly the kind of hero I needed, and the kind that I still need. Someone kind and loving and compassionate, who is all about doing and seeing good in the world, and who proves again and again that hope is stronger than fear. And not just Kara, but everyone on the show. Alex and Cat and J’onn and James and Lucy and Winn, as many differences as they all have, what they have in common is how much they care. About Kara, about each other, about their jobs and duties, about people. It was exactly the kind of thing I needed to see.

Obviously, I’m not going to tell you that Supergirl cured my depression or anything like that. Of course it didn’t. But, at long as I was watching it, it did help me feel a bit more optimistic. It reminded me that there is good in people, in the world, and in me. And that reminder helped on bad days. It became one of my go-to comfort shows, and I’ve really enjoyed writing about it here. It really does mean a lot to me, and I’m not sure that comes across in my posts, so I felt I should say it here.

Now, a quick word about season 2. Um. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to review it. I had planned on it, but to be honest, aside from a few bright spots, I haven’t liked season 2 much at all. That’s putting it lightly. And considering that I’ve just told you all how much the first season meant to me, I’m sure you can imagine how much it kills me to have been so disappointed with the second season. Nearly everything I liked about the show is gone.

I’m afraid that reviewing season 2 won’t be a very fun experience, for me or for anyone reading. For one thing, I’d have to rewatch every episode to review it and I don’t really like the idea of putting myself through some of that shit again. For another thing, the majority of the reviews will be very negative and while that might be funny and cathartic at first, it will get very repetitive and draining for everyone after a while.

Season 2 hasn’t finished yet, it will finish in May. If I was going to review season 2, I would wait until it was finished anyway. So for the time being, let’s say I’m taking a break from Supergirl reviews. I’m going to focus on SpongeBob reviews for now, and the way things are going it’ll probably be easier for me to focus on one thing. I’ll think about whether or not I want to continue with Supergirl reviews and let you all know when I come to a decision.


One thought on “Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 Overview

  1. I have to say I really really enjoyed your cover on Supergirl. What I’ve heard of the show was pretty mixed bag at first but based on what I’ve heard from “you”, I took a chance and I really liked it. I wish still some things could have improved in first season like keeping Astral as the main villain and I felt like last two episodes could have raised the stakes better but still this was a show that I really had a blast. During that time, Flash started to have problems with storytelling and it started to become darker, so watching Supergirl really lighten my mood. I love dark superhero stories but I do needed a lighthearted superhero tv show and Supergirl gave me that. It had great female characters, good action and good story arcs. Despite the fact that Supergirl is related to Superman, I connected to Supergirl more. Prob because I didn’t care that much about Superman (save for him in this show) but Melissa Benoist is just a charming and adorkable Supergirl and I felt like she fit that role perfectly. I truly enjoyed Kara balancing her life as an assistant and a superhero and I don’t think I can expect that much from Superman, not even his lighthearted versions. So yeah I truly enjoyed this season. It’s not perfect but damn good. I wish season 2 could have been like season 1 because it lacked what I loved about season 1. Cat was written off and Lucy wasn’t even there and what the hell happened to Maxwell Lord (not that I like him but where is he?) but at least it gave me Luthors, good Superman, Megan and Maggie. I hope season 3 will feel more like season 1 and season 2 will fix it’s mistakes soon.

    Season 1 Grade: B+


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