Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 (Better Angels)

I know that Monday is usually SpongeBob review day, but I had a Supergirl post that was closer to being ready than a SpongeBob post, plus I’m so close to the end of season 1 for Supergirl, so I decided to just post this instead. Hopefully the SpongeBob post will be ready for Friday.

So the last episode ended with a huge cliffhanger. Kara has to defend herself from a mind controlled Alex in Kryptonite armor! The two sisters, whose relationship has been the heart of the show from the beginning, are being forced to fight each other. For like, two minutes. Because then Eliza shows up with J’onn, just when Alex has Kara down on the ground and is about to kill her, and Eliza talks her out of the mind control.

Eliza: Alex, you can beat this. I know you can. You’re not gonna hurt me. You’re not gonna hurt Kara. We are a family. Stronger together. Alex, you are the strongest of us all. Your father always said that. I know he’s watching over you. I know he’d be so proud. Your father believed in you. I believe in you, too. You are Alex Danvers and nothing on Earth can change that.

So that devastating twist is over quickly, as Alex comes back to herself and tearfully apologizes. It does feel like a bit of a cop-out, but it’s still a nice moment.

It also confirms their belief that Myriad can be fought off. The way to do it connects back to what Cat said in the previous episode, about what Supergirl taught her. About how hope is stronger than fear.

Thematically, it makes sense that force isn’t what’s needed to stop Myriad. Because if this season has tried to tell us anything, it’s that despite the fact that Kara is literally one of the most powerful beings on earth, her physical strength isn’t what makes her a hero. Her heart is what makes her a hero, as cheesy as that sounds. Her kindness, her compassion, her bravery, her willingness to see the best in people, that’s what makes her Supergirl.

So when everything is set up at the TV station and Supergirl makes her broadcast, that’s all that was really needed. Myriad wasn’t going to be stopped by force. Supergirl just needed to do what she’s always done, which was give the people of National City hope.

Myriad has failed, but Non and Indigo aren’t ready to give up. If they can’t solve the world’s problems by mind control, plan B is to destroy it. Wait, what?

Myriad is now designed to kill humans rather than enslave them. It sends out a signal to amplify brain cells, resulting in severe headaches in humans and eventual death. Kara has no backup at the moment, as Superman is still incapacitated and J’onn is dealing with the DEO, and it’s pretty certain that if Kara tries to take on Non and Indigo alone, they’ll kill her. On the other hand, if someone doesn’t take them on soon, there will be nothing in the way of them killing the entire population. So we all know what Kara is going to do. She’s going to go on what is essentially a suicide mission to stop Non and Indigo.

So, I guess force is what’s needed to stop Myriad after all? Huh. That seems a bit contradictory.

Kara doesn’t tell anybody what she plans on doing, but she does make teary speeches to Winn, James and Cat about what they mean to her and how grateful she is to have known them. Kara didn’t have time to give proper goodbyes on Krypton, so she’s making sure to get them done now.

As it turns out, J’onn decides to join Supergirl in her fight against Non and Indigo. A fight ensues, during which J’onn rips Indigo in half with his bare hands like this is Mortal Kombat or something and it’s awesome. Supergirl manages to defeat Non as well, but Indigo, still ripped in half, informs Supergirl that they still won’t be able to stop Myriad. Indigo then deactivates, and hopefully no one will be putting her back together again.

The Myriad signal is coming from Fort Rozz. They can’t stop the signal and they can’t power up the ship. Supergirl realizes that the only way to stop it is to fly Fort Rozz into space herself, which actually is a suicide mission. Once in space, she won’t be able to breathe and she won’t be able to generate thrust to fly back down to Earth. But there’s no other way, so Kara says her final goodbye to Alex. She tells Alex she loves her, and that everything good that she did came from Alex being her sister, and it’s all very sweet and emotional and shut up I’m not crying you’re crying.

So Supergirl flies Fort Rozz into space and loses consciousness, but she wakes up in the DEO. Alex managed to save her by flying her pod out into space.

Alex: You’re not the only badass in the family.

Indeed she isn’t!

J’onn is pardoned and reinstated as head of the DEO. What does that mean for Lucy Lane, though?

J’onn: In my absence, Major Lane has performed her duty as director with expertise and integrity. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my lifetimes, it’s that leaders are stronger working together. From now on, we’re all on the same team, no more secrets.

Oh, that’s nice! Except, spoiler alert, we haven’t seen Lucy Lane since this episode. I don’t think she’s even been mentioned.

How are things at Catco? Well, Cat appears at Kara’s desk with a box and begins packing it, and then tells Kara to follow her. This seems pretty ominous, but Cat leads Kara to a room that she says will be Kara’s new office. Cat isn’t firing her, she’s promoting her.

Cat: Ker-rah, for the last two years, you have done nothing but arrange my travel perfectly and manage my schedule flawlessly. You have become the best assistant I have ever had. And that is why I have to give you up.

Kara: What am I… What do you want me to do?

Cat: Well, I want you to find me a new assistant, for starters and then I want you to take a few days, I want you to think about what you want, and then I’ll think about what you might have to offer, and then we’ll talk.

Kara: Really? Anything I want?

Cat: Well, within reason. And the money won’t be much different, or any different, but this is a step up for you, Ker-rah. This is your end of Working Girl moment. And if you take advantage of it, I really believe that you can change the world.

Kara: Ms. Grant.

Cat: Hmm?

Kara: The end of Working Girl always makes me cry.

Cat: Um… Me too. If you work hard there might be a window in your future, Kara.


We end the episode with a family dinner, where Kara and James have a private moment where feelings are discussed and a kiss happens and it seems those two are finally, finally, getting together for real. But suddenly a pod falls from the sky, and Kara and James run out to check it out. They discover it’s a Kryptonian pod, and Kara opens it to reveal… well, we don’t know yet, we’ll find out when season 2 begins. And having already seen season 2, let me tell you, I really wish that fucking pod was still floating aimlessly in space.

And so ends season 1, and I have to say, I don’t think this is the strongest finale, at least in terms of plot. It feels a bit jumbled and disconnected from what was setup in the previous episode. Actually, it’s worse than that. The second half of this episode feels disconnected from what was set up in the first half. It’s all disjointed and it doesn’t feel like one cohesive episode. Plus, I don’t find Non and Indigo to be the most interesting villains, so having them in the finale falls flat for me at least.

But as always, this show does best when it focuses on emotions and character, and the climax of this episode is very emotionally charged. As usual, you get swept up in the moment enough that you kind of forget that the plot itself is flimsy.

Plus, we get very satisfying resolutions for Kara’s most important relationships. Kara and Alex get to have their tear-jerker moment  that expresses how loving their relationship is, and it feels oh so appropriate that after Kara saves the world, Alex saves Kara. This series began with Kara saving Alex from a plane crash. That was the pivotal moment that made Kara use her powers for the first time in ages, revealing herself to the world and putting her on the path to become a super hero. Ending the season with Alex saving Kara is a nice parallel.

As for her relationship with Cat, things are going to be different now. Kara couldn’t be Cat’s assistant forever and Cat couldn’t be her mentor forever. It’s a bittersweet moment, but it feels right. We’ve seen their relationship grow so much over the course of the season to one where they mutually respect and trust each other. Kara’s learned a lot from Cat about staying grounded and navigating the world and facing her problems head on. Cat has learned a lot from Kara about opening up to people and about how hope and kindness can be powerful. Kara’s promotion feels like a culmination of how far these two have come.

Kara and James’ relationship has always been more of a subplot than anything, but it’s still nice to see it being made official. Too bad season 2 is going to needlessly tear it apart.

I’m going to post an overview later today to wrap things up, so stay tuned for that.


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