Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 (World’s Finest)

Right, so, this episode. It’s a crossover episode, between Supergirl and The Flash. I have never watched The Flash so I won’t be able to comment on that nor will I be able to comment much on Barry Allen as a character, and I’m just going to try to review this episode the same way I would any Supergirl episode.

I have heard good things about The Flash, though. Maybe I can make that a review project some time in the future. For the moment however, I know nothing about it and therefore can’t say anything about it. Just a heads up.

The episode begins at the DEO, where Siobhan is being looked over by some doctors. Winn brought her there after the discovery of her sonic scream, since it’s unlikely that a normal hospital would have any idea what to do with that. As it turns out, the DEO doesn’t really know what to do with it either. They have no explanation for why Siobhan has this power.

Oh, and remember Leslie Willis, aka Livewire? She’s still in the DEO. Siobhan happens to overhear Livewire being interrogated, and it seems that Livewire still has every intention of breaking out of the DEO and killing Cat Grant as well as Supergirl.

Despite Winn doing his best to comfort her and promising that he’ll help her figure this out, Siobhan is terrified. On top of discovering her sonic scream, she’s started having strange visions of a banshee and hearing screaming in her head. At one point, she seems to go into a trance that takes her to Catco, where she releases a scream that sends Kara flying out the window and falling.

Of course Kara could save herself, though at the moment it’s difficult because she’s disoriented by Siobhan’s scream, but it turns out she doesn’t need to. At that moment, a dimensional rip opens and out comes a streak of red that catches Kara and runs with her all the way out into an empty field.

The red streak is a guy named Barry Allen, also known as the Flash. Honestly, all I know about the Flash is that he can run really fast. Anyway, Kara reveals herself as Supergirl, and Barry claims not to know who she is. He’s also confused as to why Kara seems to have no idea who he is either. Apparently, Barry Allen is from an alternate universe, hence why he and Kara don’t know each other.

I remember being confused as to why they decided to have the Flash and Supergirl exist in separate universes, but after thinking about it I think I understand why they did it that way. Supergirl kind of needs to be its own separate thing, as a big part of her story was about being the first female superhero, and one who has to make a name for herself separate from Superman, the only other hero we’ve heard of. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense, in that case, for her to exist in the same universe that The Flash takes place in, because then why wouldn’t people ever talk about all of these other heroes, some of whom are female (I guess? Barry mentions Black Canary). Supergirl’s story as told in her show only works if it’s separate from The Flash and Arrow.

Anyway, Kara takes Barry back to Catco with her and introduces him to James and Winn. Barry explains that he must have come to this universe accidentally while testing a tachyon device on his suit. Winn, being the nerd that he is, is extremely excited about the whole multiverse theory thing. James is not thrilled to have Barry around. Barry and Kara get along very well and they’re both heroes, which makes James feel jealous.

The group goes to Cat’s office, where Cat is already looking for information on the new superhero. When Cat asks who Barry is, they claim that Barry is Kara’s cousin. Cat doesn’t really buy that, and then she says this baffling line:

Cat: All four of you standing there doing nothing, you look like the attractive yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.


Three white people and one black guy is “racially diverse”???

Anyway, Cat wants to name this new superhero the same way she named Supergirl.

Cat: I was thinking about “The Whoosh” or “The Red Streak” or “The Blur.”

Barry: What about The Flash? I’m just saying, I think that’s a pretty cool superhero name. Right?

Cat: The Flash? Sounds like someone whose only superpower is jumping out of an alley in a trench coat.

Ha! Love you, Cat.

So, what is Siobhan up to now? We see her visiting her aunt Sinead, who can apparently tell Siobhan what’s been going on with her. Apparently there’s a curse in the Smythe family. If a Smythe woman is severely wronged by someone, she becomes possessed by the spirit of the banshee. If she doesn’t kill the person who wronged her, the curse will never be lifted. Siobhan realizes that means she’ll have to kill Kara, but she can’t do that with Supergirl around. Not alone, anyway.

She breaks Livewire out of the DEO, and the two of them team up. Is it bad that I kind of want to root for them? I mean I love Supergirl and Cat Grant and all, but if I have one weakness it’s hot villainous ladies.

Anyway, Kara asks Barry if he’ll help her catch Livewire, promising that she will help him get home once they’re caught. Barry agrees, and they track down Livewire. Siobhan has been given a makeover, and Livewire introduces her as the Silver Banshee.


That is some impressive makeup! So, did Livewire and Siobhan have to, like, go to a store to buy this makeup, or did they just have it on them? I don’t know why the thought of them going to stores to find costume makeup is so amusing to me. Not to mention the contacts and what I’m assuming is a wig, no way they had those on them.

Anyway, Supergirl and the Flash weren’t really prepared to take on both Livewire and Silver Banshee at the same time, so they lose that fight pretty spectacularly. Later, Kara is upset with herself for being reckless. She confesses to Barry about the red Kryptonite, and how she’s been trying to win back the city’s approval to no avail since then. It turns out Barry can relate.

Barry: This is gonna sound ironic coming from me but, um, you need to slow down. Just keep doing your good work. Don’t worry about the rest. The public will forgive you, I promise.

Kara: How can you be so sure?

Barry: ‘Cause the same thing happened to me.

Kara: Really?

Barry: Mmm-hmm.

Kara: So what finally fixed things?

Barry: Time. When you’re used to fixing things with brute strength, or in my case, amazing speed, it’s hard to accept that there are things out of our control.

Kara: It’s humbling. Right?

Barry: Yep. And believe me, when you stop trying to force the solution, it’ll happen on its own.

That’s a nice thing about this episode. Kara finally has someone she can talk to about being a super hero. Not that she couldn’t talk about it with her other friends, but none of them can really understand what it’s like the way Barry can. I mean, I suppose Superman could, but we never see him. I like Kara and Barry’s relationship in this episode a lot. They’re both totally adorkable and I like that they’re playfully competitive with each other, but they’re also able to talk to each other to talk more seriously about their being a hero in a way that Kara can’t really do with anyone else.

This nice moment can’t last too long though, because Livewire and Silver Banshee are still on the loose, and heading to Catco. Cat Grant somehow recognizes Siobhan right away despite the makeup, and so does Winn. Winn begs Siobhan to stop what she’s doing, but Siobhan’s mind is made up. Livewire and Silver Banshee kidnap Cat Grant to use as bait for Supergirl.

There’s a moment where, while waiting for Supergirl and the Flash to show up, Cat gets teary and choked up as she begs Livewire not to kill her. Even in such an extreme situation, it seems a bit odd for Cat to be begging for her life, right? But then we find out why she’s begging, and it’s not for herself. It’s for her sons. She’s begging Livewire not to take their mother away from them, because she’s all they have. Honestly, sometimes I kind of forget that Cat is a mom, and a good one too. It’s heartbreaking to see Cat, who always seems so snarky and in control even when she’s terrified, crying at the idea of her sons being alone without her to take care of them.

Luckily, Supergirl and the Flash show up, armed with a device that protects them from Silver Banshee’s scream. And Barry says this:

Barry: What do you say we step away from the nice lady? Settle this like women. What? There’s more of you guys here than me.

Barry, I’ve never watched your show, but I like you.

A fight ensues, and this really isn’t the best place for a fight. They’re out in public in broad daylight and there’s a crowd of National City citizens hanging around. At one point, a helicopter flies overhead and Livewire shouts “I hate helicopters!” before sending a jolt of electricity its way. Supergirl saves the helicopter by absorbing the jolt herself. Her sacrifice prompts the crowd not only forgive Supergirl, but try to protect her. This crowd is obviously not the entire population of National City, but it’s clearly meant to represent the city forgiving her and therefore the end of the red Kryptonite thing. Kind of a lackluster ending to it all, honestly, but oh well.

Livewire is actually taken out by some firemen, who douse her with water. Huh.

So, Livewire and Silver Banshee are defeated and brought not to the DEO, but to a regular prison, which now has ways to keep superpowered humans contained.

Oh, and Cat knew Barry was the Flash all along!

Cat: Oh, please. Barry shows up, The Flash shows up. His insistence on that silly name. And he was so unfailingly charming and nice, that he had to either be a superhero or a Mormon. Ker-rah, I can spot the extraordinary pretending to be a nobody in my midst just like that. (SNAPS FINGERS)

I’ve suspected for a while that Cat never really stopped believing that Kara is Supergirl, and I kind of feel like this confirms it. Cat’s not naive and Kara is way too obvious, there’s no way Cat couldn’t know.

All that’s left to do now is send Barry home. Basically, Kara and Barry are going to race and combine their speeds. If Kara throws Barry at her fastest, he just might rip through the dimensional barrier again. It works, of course, and Barry is presumably back where he belongs.

It’s a bit strange to review a crossover episode when I haven’t watched one of the shows that’s part of it. I can’t help feeling like I might be able to talk about certain things in more detail if I had actually watched The Flash. However, as an episode on its own, I liked it. It’s a very fun episode that still manages to get at least a few emotional moments in there.

Livewire was a great villain in her titular episode and I think she’s still the best villain we’ve seen so far. She’s certainly the most entertaining one, anyway. She’s definitely hammy but I find myself really enjoying it.

Spoiler alert, Livewire does come back in season 2, but we have yet to Silver Banshee. I hope we do, because I think she’s pretty cool too, especially when teamed up with Livewire (I may ship them a little bit, oops). I actually quite like Siobhan as a character. I like her ambition and drive, and much like Cat Grant I find that there’s something likable about her brand of “bitchiness”. Even her relationship with Winn is kind of cute and interesting. I would love for Siobhan/Silver Banshee to come back, I think there’s a lot of potential there.


One thought on “Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 (World’s Finest)

  1. All you need to know from Flash is that it’s a good show imo, especially when it was fantastic on it’s first season but as it goes on, it repeats same themes and plot points over and over (just like Arrow still does), so the show has gotten tiresome for me but still it’s a cool show to watch for sure and great to talk about. Season 2 and 3 still has some fantastic episodes but you’ll see them if you decide to see the show. I do like Barry as a character when he’s not being a total dumbass in Flash lmao and I think they couldn’t choose a better character to have a team up with Supergirl. Flash is very lighthearted and dorky character just like Supergirl, they both handle some silly and crazy situations and they are filled with pure goodness and morality. Arrow crossover wouldn’t work for Supergirl for good reasons cuz Arrow is a pretty dark show. As for Legends of Tomorrow, it’s a spin-off and all characters of the show derves as the big main.

    As for this, It’s one of my favorites for sure. It has the most fun stuff I love in Supergirl, Barry and Kara’s dynamic is top-notch and even if this is a crossover, you don’t need to watch Flash to see this and the plots from other episodes still continue here. Livewire and Silver Banshee are the most fun villains of the show, so their team up and their dynamic was also cool.

    Definitely deserves an “A+” from me.


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