Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 (World’s Finest)

Right, so, this episode. It's a crossover episode, between Supergirl and The Flash. I have never watched The Flash so I won't be able to comment on that nor will I be able to comment much on Barry Allen as a character, and I'm just going to try to review this episode the same way … Continue reading Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 (World’s Finest)


SpongeBob Reviews: Season 2 (Big Pink Loser/Bubble Buddy)

Episodes that are very Patrick-centric are not my favorite thing. This episode isn't an exception, but is probably the Patrick-centric episode that I enjoy the most. It centers around Patrick wanting to win an award, for anything. When he sees SpongeBob's huge collection of awards and trophies, Patrick just wants to feel like a winner … Continue reading SpongeBob Reviews: Season 2 (Big Pink Loser/Bubble Buddy)