Supergirl Reviews: Season 1 (Solitude)

In the last episode, Supergirl quit working for the DEO, but I think we all know that that’s not going to be permanent. In any case, this episode deals with the fallout of Kara quitting. Now she’s on her own. Well, she still has Winn and James to help her, and of course Alex has her back no matter what, but she no longer has the DEO’s resources and intelligence and equipment, and that makes a pretty big difference

At Catco, Siobhan presents Cat with an unopened package, despite Kara warning her that Cat likes any mail she receives to be opened before it reaches her desk. Cat scolds Siobhan for this, which seems to throw Siobhan off. Inside the package is a thumb drive and a letter, but Cat deems both to be unimportant and tells Siobhan to microwave the drive. No, really. Cat is so extra, I love it.

Unfortunately, this provokes the wrath of whoever sent the drive to Cat. A hacker takes control of the monitors at Catco and tells Cat that because she ignored the drive, chaos will come to National City. The hacker then turns every traffic light in the city green, causing several accidents.

Oh, and I just want to point out these lines.

Cat: Toyman Jr., you’re the computer expert. Fix this.

Winn: I definitely liked it better when she did not know who I was.

Yeah I think I would like it better if my boss didn’t give me a nickname that reminds me of my horrible trauma too. But that little quip from Winn is all we get from him, which struck me as odd. It’s just a bit jarring for the whole Toyman thing to be joked about here when the last time it came up was this huge ordeal. That was like five episodes ago, but how long ago was it in the show’s timeline? A few weeks? A few months?

Anyway, later that night, Kara, Winn, and James try to find out more about the hacker. Her name is Indigo, she’s a cyberwoman who can take control of computers as well as teleport through them. After a short confrontation with Kara, which is interrupted by Alex and J’onn, Indigo disappears through the computer. She teleports to a different location, where she meets with Non. Apparently Non and Indigo know each other, and Indigo has never liked Astra. Particularly, she’s never agreed with Astra’s idea of humans and Kryptonians living alongside each other. Wait. Since when did Astra believe in humans and Kryptonians living alongside each other? I thought she was pretty anti-human? Or is it that she’s cool with humans, just very apathetic about whether her methods are actually good for them? Okay yeah, that was it. Good intentions, not so good actions and all that. Still, it’s kind of funny to see Indigo talking about Astra like she’s this big softie when it comes to humans.

Back at Catco, Siobhan seems to be falling apart a little bit. She’s lost her cool, confident attitude and she’s apparently vulnerable enough to share a disturbing story about her father with Winn. When Siobhan was younger she walked in on her father cheating on her mother with his assistant, and it understandably scarred her for life. Having a terrible father who does things that mentally and emotionally damage his children is something that Winn can relate to, though he doesn’t get a chance to tell Siobhan that just yet.

Alex stops by Catco to recruit Winn to help them catch Indigo. He’s hesitant, but when Kara insists she’s fine with him helping the DEO, he goes. So now Kara doesn’t have Winn to help her, and there’s not much she can do about Indigo without him. James has a suggestion: the Fortress of Solitude.

Superman has invited Kara to the Fortress of Solitude before, but she’s always turned it down. She thought that being there would remind her too much of Krypton. Now she doesn’t have much choice, as it seems like it’s the only way she’ll get any information on Indigo. Kara finds out that Indigo was a Fort Rozz prisoner and was considered the most dangerous one. I feel like every time we hear about a new Fort Rozz prisoner they’re describe as the most dangerous, but in Indigo’s case I could actually believe that’s true.

Case in point, Indigo hacks the military computers and activates a missile, which heads right for National City. Supergirl can only stop it with the DEO’s help. With J’onn’s guidance, she manages to deactivate the missile. Meanwhile, Winn uploads a virus to take out Indigo, but before she disintegrates she reveals that she was the one responsible for Kara’s pod crashing on Earth to begin with. Without Indigo she would still be asleep in the Phantom Zone.

As the episode starts wrapping itself up, Winn tells Siobhan that he can empathize with her, and he briefly tells her about his own father. Again, it’s a bit odd that he offers the information so willingly, considering that he never wanted to talk about it before Childish Things, but maybe he feels more comfortable talking about with Siobhan since she also has family related trauma, though Winn’s is a lot more extreme. Siobhan kisses him, and then warns him not to tell anyone about it, and then she kisses him more. So. That happened.

Lucy breaks up with James, since she believes that he’s in love with Kara and that Kara loves him too. She’s not wrong about that, and I’m glad that Lucy broke things off with him. Not because I dislike either of them or the two of them together or anything, but because it really is for the best. I know that James cares about Lucy but it wasn’t really fair to be dating her when deep down, he would rather be dating Kara. Lucy deserves to be with someone who wants be with her just as much, and James deserves to be happy with Kara (NOBODY BRING UP SEASON 2 WE’LL GET THERE).

We end the episode with a very emotional scene, which is the best way to end any episode, amirite? Supergirl agrees to work with the DEO again, because it’s clear that they she can’t work as well without them, though she maintains that she does not trust J’onn and hasn’t forgiven him for Astra. Which prompts Alex to confess that it was her who killed Astra, not J’onn.

Alex: And when you got there, he saw how devastated you were. He didn’t want you to get angry with me. He took the blame. And I let him. Because I was afraid of losing you, and I can’t lose you.

Alex starts crying at this point, and Kara hugs her. That sob of relief that Alex gives when Kara reaches out to hug her is heart-wrenching. When J’onn tries to leave, Kara reaches out to hold onto his hand. Nobody says anything, nothing really needs to be said. Kara is thankful to J’onn for taking the blame for Alex, for trying to protect them both. Alex is guilt-ridden for what she did to Astra, and relieved that Kara has chosen to forgive her. Kara must be feeling all kinds of conflicting things right now, but ultimately Alex is most important to her. She can’t lose Alex.

I’m glad that Kara’s conflict with J’onn wasn’t dragged out much longer than this. We really only need one episode to confirm that Supergirl works better when she has help. The whole “stronger together” theme has been central to the show from the beginning.

That ending scene where Kara forgives Alex is definitely the highlight of the episode, it’s so genuine and satisfying. Aside from that, there’s not a whole lot about this episode that I like, though I can’t think of much that I disliked either. It’s kind of in the middle for me.

Indigo, much like Livewire, is a pretty hammy villain, though I somehow enjoyed Livewire much more. Indigo is cool, but I wasn’t as interested in her and I would have expected. Honestly, before I rewatched this episode for this review, I’d completely forgotten that she was even a character in this show. I’m not sure why she didn’t leave an impression on me, though. Maybe she just didn’t feel all that unique? I mean, her teleportation powers remind me of Livewire’s, and her look isn’t anything that new either.

Siobhan is starting to become a bit more interesting, though I think her unraveling happened too quickly. I mean, Cat scolds her once and she immediately loses her confidence?

For once we’re not ending on any kind of cliffhanger. There’s a short scene where we see that Non has pieces of Indigo’s body and presumably he’s going to put her back together somehow, since she doesn’t appear to be dead, but we also know from experience that it will probably be a few episode before we see Non and Indigo again. This leaves us with no lead for what the next episode will be about, which means it will likely be about something that we haven’t seen on the show yet. Exciting~


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