SpongeBob Reviews: Season 2 (Your Shoe’s Untied/Squid’s Day Off)

Before we start, I am so, so sorry this blog has been so inactive. School has been kicking my ass lately and when I haven’t been focusing on that I’ve had basically 0 energy to write, hence the lack of posts. I want to say that I’m going to start being more on top of things now but honestly would you even believe me at this point?

But okay, I’m finally posting something. Season 2!


Even though this show is technically for kids, I rarely feel like I’m too old to appreciate it. That’s a good sign. It means that this isn’t just good for a kids’ show, it’s just a good show period.

Notice that I said I rarely feel like I’m too old appreciate it, not that I never feel like I’m too old for it. Because of course there’s always going to be times where I’m reminded that as an adult, I’m not the target demographic here. Even Avatar The Last Airbender, one of if not my favorite show of all time, has moments where I kind of sigh and have to remind myself that it’s a kids’ show.

Your Shoe’s Untied is one of those episodes where I feel like I’m too old. I’m not saying that that makes it a bad episode, or even that I dislike it! It’s a cute episode, and I enjoy it, but it’s not one I watch very often because it just feels… juvenile.

And again, that’s fine! It’s a kids’ show! Of course it’s going to feel like this from time to time, I’m just trying to explain why this episode doesn’t do a lot for me as an adult.

Actually, even as a kid this episode didn’t do much for me. I was around ten years old and even back then this episode was a bit too juvenile for me. I mean, it’s about learning how to tie your shoes. I was ten. I’d known how to tie my shoes for years and I thought I was way too mature for a cartoon sponge to be teaching me something so basic. So I guess I’ve never actually watched this episode at a time in my life where it would have felt like it catered to me.

But okay, let’s talk about what I do like about this episode. For one thing, it’s pretty funny. The lengths SpongeBob goes to to hide the fact that he’s forgotten how to tie his shoes are completely ridiculous in the good way. This is one of those episodes where the grill in the Krusty Krab is suddenly on the other side of the room for the sake of a gag, which does bother me a little bit but at least the gag is funny.

That scene where the Flying Dutchman shows SpongeBob how to make almost any type of knot imaginable, but can’t show him how to tie shoelaces, is a bit pointless and ultimately feels like filler, but it’s a really funny and charming scene so I can’t be too bothered by it either. At least it’s good filler.

Oh, and Gary is the one who solves SpongeBob’s shoe problem in the end. The image of Gary wearing sneakers has always been kind of funny to me. I’m going to count this as an Always Listen to Gary episode.

You know, I’m curious, did anyone learn to tie their shoes thanks to this episode? The song didn’t sound like a very good guide to me, but did it actually help anyone?

Rating: 6.5/10

Always Listen to Gary Count: 3


This episode is a weird one. In a good way. Mostly.

In a way it surprises me that this episode isn’t talked about very often, and in another way I don’t find it surprising at all.

The plot of this episode is very simple, and it might be, like Ripped Pants or Your Shoe’s Untied, too simple. But it’s also a lot funnier than both of those episodes, and it has a lot more energy.

When Mr. Krabs has to go to the hospital and Squidward is left in charge of the Krusty Krab, he of course uses the opportunity to his advantage. He leaves SpongeBob to run the place while he goes to take care of some “errands”, which really just means that he’ll be taking the day off.

Except, things don’t exactly work out. Squidward has paranoid fantasy after paranoid fantasy, each more ridiculous and unlikely than the last. He keeps running back to the Krusty Krab to check that everything is fine, which of course it is, and the episode is basically Squidward’s descent into complete hallucinatory paranoia. It’s another example of Squidward’s misery being mostly self-inflicted. He couldn’t trust SpongeBob to take care of things alone, and he ended up ruining his own day off. Of course, it was selfish of him to take the day off and leave everything to SpongeBob anyway, so he kind of gives himself a dose of karma.

So, this episode is pretty repetitive. It’s entire plot revolves around one gag, which is why I can sort of see why this wouldn’t stand out as a particularly interesting episode. There’s not a whole lot to it. But it’s a hilarious episode, too. The one repetitive gag keeps building into something so ridiculous, and it stays funny because of how far they can take it.

However, I think the fact that the episode is based around just one joke, even if it is a funny joke that they get a lot out of, means that that it tends to be overlooked and forgotten. Even I can’t say it’s a particular favorite of mine, though I do really like it.

I wish it did get more attention, because it really is funny and it’s even pretty interesting visually, the facial expressions and animation are really dynamic. But I can kind of see why it’s not an episode people remember a lot.

Rating: 8/10


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