SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 Overview

Before we start: happy new year everyone! I hope 2017 is good to all of you, we all need it after the shitstorm that was 2016.

Watching this season from beginning to end is something I’ve never actually done before, and it’s made me able to appreciate it in a way I never did. I mean, I never disliked season 1 or anything, but I never considered it much better than decent and I didn’t spare a lot of thought for it nor watch it that often. I still don’t see it as much better than decent, but I have been able to develop thoughts on it that are a bit more substantial then “yeah it’s okay I guess”.

Later seasons are definitely funnier and more interesting, but this first season is charming, and it does actually do a great job of drawing viewers in.  Even from just the first couple of episodes, we’re already given a good idea of who these characters are and their relationships with each other. A lot of the plots in this season are very simple, which was probably a good way to start things because it meant the attention went to the characters more.

Animation wise, I’m not real fond of it. It’s not bad, there’s some great designs and a nice looseness to it (though maybe a little too much at times), but what puts me off are the colors. They all seem a bit too drab. Also, Sandy’s design throughout this season is missing something. It’s missing her tail. From season 2 onward her tails is visible outside her suit, and while I suppose it doesn’t make much sense for her tail to be poking out of her suit, something about it makes her design more complete and more aesthetically pleasing.

Usually I would go over the characters, but I’ve already said so much about them in the reviews themselves and I don’t want to repeat myself too much. But, I’ll sum up my thoughts on them quickly, I guess.

Being the main and titular character, it’s of course pretty important that we like SpongeBob. I’ve never really understood how people can be a fan of a show or a book or something where they don’t like the main character. I mean, it’s one thing to just not have particularly strong feelings about the main character, but I don’t understand being able to watch/read something where you don’t like the main character at all. Like, I’ve spoken to Harry Potter fans who hate Harry himself. Why would you read seven books about someone you hate?? Okay, I’m getting off topic, but my point is that for me, it’s important that I like the main character at least a little bit if I’m going to get any enjoyment out of something. I can honestly say I adore SpongeBob as a character. He’s incredibly endearing. He’s sweet and funny and he approaches everything in his life with such enthusiasm that even with all of his annoying tendencies, it’s hard to dislike him. At least from where I’m sitting. He really is the heart of the show.

I actually haven’t talked that much about Patrick in these reviews so far and that’s because, honestly, I never really know what to say about him. If you read my old blog, you know that Patrick is my least favorite. I don’t dislike him! Really, I don’t. He’s just the one I like the least is all. The thing is, Patrick is meant to be the Funny Character, but I don’t find him all that funny. He makes me laugh sometimes, but it’s not often. He’s just not my sort of humor, that’s all. He doesn’t have much of a consistent personality because it seems like they just kind of have him do/say whatever it would be funniest for him to do/say in that moment, but if I don’t find him that funny and he doesn’t have an interesting personality to fall back on… it doesn’t leave me with much to like about him. So that’s why he’s my least favorite, and that’s why I don’t talk about him a whole lot.

I’ve probably said enough about Squidward and Sandy for you all to know that I love them both. Squidward is actually a very well-written character, at least in these early seasons. Sandy is usually written okay, I think, but it’s not always consistent. Mostly I think she suffers from just… not being around enough. Season 2 is where I think her characterization is at its best, and I’m actually excited that I’ll be able to talk about that more soon, but in season 1 I think she falls more in the “okay” category. She’s fun and sweet and I definitely like her, but she hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to really stand out yet.

Mr. Krabs is another character I haven’t talked a lot about during season 1, but that’s because there’s really not that much of him in season 1. I’d never really noticed that before, but there are hardly any episodes about him and he doesn’t even show up in minor roles all that often. What we do see of him is good, but he gets much funnier and more interesting later.

Plankton has always been a great character, and it’s funny to think that there was a time when he was underused. He’s really funny and adorable and just a great concept for a character, but there’s definitely not enough of him in this era of the show.

Gary is… cute. There isn’t that much more to say about him, nor about the rest.

I’ve run out of things to say so I’m going to wrap this up by saying that this is a decent start to the show, and things only get better from here. I mean like, pre-movie only gets better from here. You know what I meant.

Season 2 is my favorite season, so I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

Season Rating: 5.7/10 (this is the average of all of the ratings I gave for this season and I suspect I may have miscalculated because it’s lower than I thought it would be but I’m not going to recalculate because I am nothing if not lazy )

Favorite Episode: Employee of the Month

Least Favorite Episode: Neptune’s Spatula


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