SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Sleepy Time/Suds)


There’s something about this episode that feels… cozy. I’m not sure how to explain it, it’s just cute and warm and I get a nice feeling from it.

This episode is about SpongeBob gaining a strange ability to visit the dreams of other characters. There’s no reason given for why he can suddenly do this, he just can. So he goes around visiting his friends’ dreams and kind of ruining them. Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

In Gary’s dream, Gary is seen in a library, and he’s able to speak. So, what I’m getting from this dream is that Gary is really smart, but held back by the fact that he’s, well, a snail, which is the equivalent of being a cat basically. Before SpongeBob leaves Gary’s dream, Gary says to him “Beware of your wandering eye, you little poriferan!” So I’m going to count this as an “Always Listen to Gary” episode.

Patrick dreams about riding a mechanical seahorse. That’s it. Even when SpongeBob tries to convince him to do something more fun, something that wouldn’t be possible in reality, Patrick stays on the seahorse. He doesn’t want to do anything else. Is it me or is that kind of sad? He can do anything and he chooses that.

Squidward’s dream is about being a famous musician and playing for a king. Sounds about right. The dream becomes a nightmare when SpongeBob shows up, distracts the king from Squidward’s music, and causes Squidward to break his clarinet in anger. The king declares that Squidward will be beheaded if he doesn’t play any music. SpongeBob, who seems to be the only character who is lucid in these dreams, makes himself into a clarinet for Squidward to play. The king and the crowd love it, but they love the instrument more than they love the one playing it. SpongeBob is the one that gets the adoration while Squidward is pushed to the side.

Sandy’s dream is pretty short and simple. She’s skydiving and attempting an incredibly dangerous stunt, but she crashes when she’s distracted by SpongeBob.

SpongeBob visits Pearl’s dream next, though he meant to visit Mr. Krabs’. Pearl’s dream involves having a tea party in a very girly and weirdly childish setting. Isn’t she like sixteen? Then again who am I to judge. SpongeBob only stays long enough to be pointed toward Mr. Krabs’ dream, which involves him literally fishing for money. On a boat in the middle of a stormy sea, he’s trying to catch a giant dollar. He does catch it, but SpongeBob accidentally allows it to escape. In anger, Mr. Krabs launches SpongeBob out of his dream with some cannon-like device.

SpongeBob lands right in Plankton’s dream, where Plankton is a giant who can shoot lasers from his eye and is destroying the city. SpongeBob sees Gary in Plankton’s dream somehow, and protects Gary from being crushed by turning into a pushpin that pricks Plankton’s foot. Plankton deflates and shrinks, and then is squashed by the angry townsfolk. He wakes up, so SpongeBob is forced out of the dream too.

He finally returns to his own dream after this, but is quickly woken up. Everyone who’s dream he visited (minus Patrick, though he does show up to ask for a quarter) is in his room, angry with him for invading and ruining their dreams. I have two questions. One, how do they know that SpongeBob necessarily invaded their dream, rather than just being a part of it? Two, why are Pearl and Gary so upset? SpongeBob didn’t do anything to ruin their dreams. SpongeBob was only in Pearl’s for about five seconds.

So, this is one of those episodes where it’s kind of easy to forget it exists. I don’t watch it very often, but I enjoy it when I do. It’s cute seeing what all of the characters dream about, and how they all match the character’s personalities and interests. There isn’t really a lot to analyze or talk about, it’s just cute. This is also one of few episodes where every main character appears, which is always fun even if they don’t all interact.

Rating: 6.5/10

Always Listen to Gary Count: 2


When SpongeBob accidentally leaves his freezer open overnight, his entire house freezes over. That’s definitely not what happens when you leave your freezer open overnight, but hey, cartoon logic. As a result, SpongeBob gets sick. Although… cold temperatures don’t actually make you sick. But again, cartoon logic.

SpongeBob gets the suds, which is basically like a flu for sponges, except that they have bubbles coming out of them every time they sneeze. He tries going to work anyway but he’s quickly sent home because… well.


To be fair that’s basically what I look like at morning classes.

So he goes home and calls Sandy to ask her if she’ll accompany him to the doctor’s.

SpongeBob: Sandy, I’m sick. Can you escort me to the doctor’s?

Sandy: Oh, sure, SpongeBob. I’ll be there faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August in –

SpongeBob: Yeah, ok, Sandy, thanks.

As funny as SpongeBob cutting her off is, I really want to know the rest of Sandy’s saying.

Shortly after this, however, his best friend and worst influence Patrick shows up. Patrick convinces SpongeBob that the doctor is horrible and SpongeBob becomes afraid of going. Patrick tries his own remedies to get rid of SpongeBob’s suds instead, which mostly involves plugging up all of his holes so the bubbles can’t come out. All that does is make SpongeBob inflate like a giant balloon when the bubbles stay trapped inside him. Patrick then calls Sandy to tell her not to come over after all.

Patrick: I’m calling on behalf of my patient, SpongeBob.

Sandy: I’m on my way over to take him to the hospital.

Patrick: Uhh, uhh, that will no longer be required. He is in my care as of today.

Sandy: Well, I’m coming over to take a look. I’ll be over there faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot –

Patrick: Oh yeah, yeah, the rabbit. Don’t bother, Sandy! [hangs up]


When Sandy shows up, she and Patrick fight over SpongeBob, but in the end SpongeBob is taken to the hospital, where the doctor cures him easily.

This is one of the simpler episodes as far as plot. It’s also not an episode that makes me laugh out loud a lot, but it’s got some decent jokes.

I guess this is the first time we’ve seen SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy as a trio. I suppose one could count Sandy’s Rocket, but I don’t because Sandy never spoke directly to Patrick in that episode and she was barely in it. She’s not in Suds a whole lot either, in that she’s not on screen for a lot of the episode, but she does have a more important role and she interacts with both SpongeBob and Patrick at least a little bit.

The three of them make a fun trio, but I’ve always preferred episodes that are focused on SpongeBob and Sandy without Patrick in the mix (or if he’s around, on the sidelines), and I’ve never been quite as into them as a trio as I would like to be. That may be partially because I have such a soft spot for SpongeBob and Sandy’s relationship, so I’d rather have focus on just them, but I think another part of it is the role that Sandy  often takes in those episodes. Being around both SpongeBob and Patrick forces Sandy into being the voice of reason, and that’s when I least enjoy her. I like Sandy best when she’s energetic and zany and competitive and cocky, and it’s hard for her to be all of those things when she also has to be the reasonable one. It’s not that it’s out of character or even that she’s bad in that role, it’s that the more fun and interesting parts of her character don’t really get to shine. Although, she does at least get some pretty funny lines in this episode, so it’s not so bad.

I have a question. Is going to the doctor for something like a cold or the flu that common? I’ve never gone to a doctor for that…? To be fair because of my anxiety I will hold off going to doctors as long as I possibly can, and even though I’ve had some pretty nasty flues and such I’ve never actually gone to a doctor for them because they never seemed like a good enough reason to go, it never even crossed my mind to go, and I always got over them fairly quickly on my own. Am I in the minority for that? Because it seems like characters in TV shows go to doctors for small things like colds and flues all the time, but do people actually do that?

Rating: 7/10


One thought on “SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Sleepy Time/Suds)

  1. No, you’re not in the minority. My Dad hardly EVER goes to the doctors in fact- when he fell on me at ice-skating at my “friend’s”
    birthday party, he broke his arm and NEVER got it fixed. My legs were BADLY bruised too, but you’re probably not that interested in THAT. It really hurt a lot for both of us, but his arm sorta seems better although he hasn’t been that agile since breaking it.
    However, some doctors don’t really seem to know what they’re talking about, and believe it or not, Dr. Patrick actually seems to be one of the smarter ones :p


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