SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Pizza Delivery/Home Sweet Pineapple)

Hey, so, I’ve realized that if I post only one review each for the things I’m reviewing every week, it’s going to take me forever to finish a single season of anything and it’s all going to feel really dragged out, which will be boring for me and probably for anyone reading this blog and also I have other things I want to get to and I don’t want it to take a year for me to get to those things. SO, if I’m able to, I will post two reviews in a day, or possible more than two! Well, okay, more than two is a stretch especially since I can’t even guarantee that I’ll have two reviews ready to be posted every week. But, I will try to post two reviews whenever I am able to, to help move things along a bit faster. Cool? Cool.


Everyone loves this episode right?

This is one of the most popular episodes of the series and it’s also one of the most iconic. It’s one of the first episodes that come to mind when I think about this show, and it’s one of the episodes that people tend to remember most.

Despite that I consider this one of the most iconic and memorable episodes, it’s never been one of my favorites. I do like it, but I can think of plenty of episodes that I like more. I’ve always wondered what about this episode makes it stand out so much to people. What makes it so memorable? Why is it such a defining episode for the show?

For one thing, it’s probably one of the best examples of what this show did so well in its earlier seasons. It has an extremely simple premise. It’s literally just about SpongeBob and Squidward delivering a pizza. But because the story itself is so simple, it means that the focus is given entirely to the characters. We get to see their personalities and interactions shine, and that’s generally where the best jokes come from.

And man, SpongeBob and Squidward really do make a fantastic pair when they’re at their best. They’re perfect contrasts to each other and their interactions are pure gold. We’ve already been given a good idea of SpongeBob and Squidward’s dynamic in Bubblestand, Jellyfishing, and Naughty Nautical Neighbors, but Pizza Delivery is the first episode where the attention is entirely on the two of them and only the two of them, and we can see the full comedic potential of their relationship.

However, it’s also the first episode to show us another layer to their relationship, mainly the underlying sweetness of it. Up until now, their relationship has been very one-sided. SpongeBob adores Squidward and considers him a friend, but Squidward finds SpongeBob to be annoying and is rather rude to him. This is the first episode where Squidward is shown to care about SpongeBob, even if only a little bit. It’s still a very one-sided relationship, but slightly less so than we first thought. Squidward does, deep down, have some affection for SpongeBob and is capable of expressing it, but it does take a lot for Squidward to get to that point.

Most of the episode is dedicated to SpongeBob getting on Squidward’s nerves in very amusing ways, but it all culminates in one moment at the end of the episode. They finally get to the customer’s house and SpongeBob knocks on the door all eager to give the customer their pizza. The customer, however, is furious that SpongeBob didn’t bring him a drink, even though he didn’t actually order one, and after yelling at him and berating him for this mistake, he refuses to take the pizza and slams the door in SpongeBob’s face. Squidward sees the whole thing and he actually sounds very concerned when he tries to see if SpongeBob is okay. SpongeBob isn’t okay. He starts sobbing almost immediately. So Squidward takes the pizza, goes up to the customers house himself, knocks on the door, and when the customer answers Squidward slams the pizza in his face. Then Squidward tells SpongeBob that the customer changed his mind, and SpongeBob cheers up.

Even though Pizza Delivery isn’t one of my favorite episodes as a whole, that one moment is probably my favorite moment from the entire first season. Or at least, it ranks very high. It’s a great moment for Squidward’s character, and one that demonstrates how well-written he really was in these earlier seasons. It would have been so easy for Squidward to be left one-dimensional, just the sad, bitter loser and nothing more, but he’s actually given a fair amount of depth. He has things he’s passionate about, he has hobbies, he has a very distinct sense of humor, and he has the capacity for sympathy and compassion, though only when it’s necessary. In short, he has a heart, and I don’t just mean that in a cheesy “jerk with a heart of gold” way (although the trope is fitting). Squidward has personality and humanity beyond just a few one-dimensional traits, which is why he’s strangely endearing even when it’s sometimes difficult to describe him as “likable”.

So I guess the reason this episode is so memorable is because it defines what ends up being one of the best dynamics of the show. It’s not our first taste of SpongeBob and Squidward’s dynamic but it is the first to really bring out its full potential, all within an episode about delivering a pizza.

Rating: 7.5/10


I always kind of feel bad for episodes that have a really popular partner, like this episode or The Secret Box or whatever was partnered with Chocolate With Nuts (I’m not saying that to be snarky I legit can’t remember what was paired with CWN right now, but whatever it is I bet I actually like it more than CWN). They never stand a chance, they’re always going to be overshadowed by their partners and forgotten.

Home Sweet Pineapple is a pretty charming episode. It’s by no means amazing, but it’s sweet and sentimental and it’s got a few funny moments. But I can kind of see why it’s not talked about very much.

This episode raises a lot of questions about SpongeBob’s house. I guess this would be the episode that confirms that it is an actual giant pineapple, not just a house that looks like a pineapple. Nematodes show up and… drink his house? Like, they stick straws in it and drink it, and the house slowly shrinks and shrivels up and finally just disappears, leaving behind only a pebble. Weirdest of all, the furniture shrinks and disappears along with it. So, did SpongeBob’s furniture come with his house? How did he get his house? Was it always there? Did he plant it there himself? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS

So after SpongeBob’s house is gone, the rest of the episode is about SpongeBob trying to find a new home. First he and Patrick try to build a house, which doesn’t go well but it’s a cute sequence. Then SpongeBob tries moving in with Patrick, and then with Squidward, neither of which work out. SpongeBob resigns himself to moving back in with his parents, and before leaving he plants the pebble in the ground where his house used to be. He starts to cry and his tears fall on the pebble, which is apparently a seed, and a new pineapple house, complete with furniture and windows and a door, grows.

Like I said, I think Home Sweet Pineapple has some charm to it and I do enjoy it, but it’s not really surprising that it tends to be forgotten. It’s not only because is has a partner episode that overshadows it, though that doesn’t help, Home Sweet Pineapple just isn’t particularly memorable in itself.

This episode seems to care more about telling a story than making people laugh, basically the opposite of its partner episode which is all about laughs and doesn’t have much story. I don’t mind having more of a focus on story, and I don’t even mind not having that many laughs. Actually, a lot of my favorite episodes of this show are not the episodes that makes me laugh the most. They’re usually the episodes that are more focused on character, or at least episodes where I really like what they do with/say about the characters and their relationships, because that’s what I’m always most invested in. So yeah, I don’t mind too much if an episode isn’t packed with humor.

The story itself is pretty decent for an early SpongeBob episode, but it kind of drags? This episode just seems to move so slowly to me, and it’s not boring per se but it just feels long and slow and I’m not sure why. There isn’t much in this episode that really grabs me, I guess, but it also doesn’t have a lot to complain. It’s kind of just on the better side of okay.

Rating: 6/10


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